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Connected here with iNDCLR shopping for online sales. Referral fee is waived in this month for 26 January. Contact us now to join.

Here you will get our 365 days support for support in online shopping. We are always at your service. Company’s will be provided free of cost online training to post your product found for free.

You will get our logistic support all over the country. The fastest logistic teams work with you. The company’s Logistics Services has been serving customers for the last 12 years. We have been logistic supplying the e-commerce company for the last 12 years. Many well-known IT companies in the country are working on the promotion of your product day and night in sales support. Here, you not only sell any of your products, but also promote on google your company for free.

Let us understand what kind of service the company gives you.

  1. The company gives you a dedicated panel. Through which you give your product listings, management, order management, account ledger management and many more like this for free.
  2. To increase your business, the company gives more fast orders in the initial time, so that your sales and business can grow quickly.
  3. The company helps you hire the staff for you for free, our company has partner ship with important company like Google, Yahoo, and many other online job sites in which your requirement will be posted for free. If you want to do a listing in these company, then this company takes a lot of money from you as a fee. Here you will not have to go to any consultant or portal.
  4. As you would know, in today’s era, not only knowledge is necessary to do business, but you should also have big capital. The company will help you a lot for this. The company has been working in finance for the last 15 years. The company has already been working with private finance DSAs like Deal for Loans, Paisa Bazaar and many private banks like HDFC, AXIS BANK, YES BANK, and many NBFC companies.
  5. There are more than 10,000 sales persons associated with the company in sales, which generate business for you. These partners have been associated with the company for the last 13 years, who are working in Finance and Logistics.
  6. The referral fee and logistics cost is in line with our market, which is essential for the growth of the company and your business promotion.
  7. We have always appreciated your better support and suggestions for increasing sales. The company has always been honoring the better suggestion. Many such people are also members of our core committee, on whose suggestion the company sets the outline of the forward policy. The company also provides support money to such valid people with the letter of honor. There is no cost to knowledge, but the company of intellectuals respect will always do the same.

Whatever partner wants to work with us, if you want a wholesaler, distributor or any other agency, then you must contact our support team. For any support kindly email me

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